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What is car windows tint ?


Car window tint is a film that is put to the windows of a vehicle in the automotive aftermarket. It is intended to darken the windows, block the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and reduce heat at sunlight, improve visibility, and give privacy. It also provides an aesthetic appeal to the car's exterior. Car window tint is available in a variety of levels of darkness or tint percentages, allowing car owners to select the level of tint that better suits their needs and local laws.

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In these years , there are many automobile window tint, each with its own set of advantages. Here shows some of the most popular automobile window tint:

Carbon tint: This is made of carbon particles, focus on prevent heat and UV radiation. Carbon tint is also noted for its toughness and resistance to scratches.

What is car windows tint ? 2

Ceramic tint: This one add a layer of ceramic particles that provide greater heat and UV protection. Ceramic tint can reach higher IR proof, so it is incredibly energy efficient, can help you save money on gas.

What is car windows tint ? 3

Metallic tint: it is composed of metal particles that serve to deflect heat and UV radiation. Metallic tint is also noted for its strength and resistance to scratches.

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Base on these category , there is an advanced process "magnetron sputter window film" can apply on above three kinds of solar window tint . For example, the sputtering method will produce a carbon-tinted coating if carbon particles are use. The tint of the final film will be ceramic if ceramic particles are utilized. A metallic tinge will be added to the film if metal particles are used. That is the best producing method of windows film . 

There are three important parameters to consider choosing Windows Film : VLT, UV, and IR .

VLT is Visible Light Transmission

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is a unit of measurement used to describe how dark an automobile window tint is. The quantity of visible light that can pass through the tint is indicated by the VLT %. For instance, a 5% VLT tint will only let through 5% of visible light, whereas a 70% VLT tint will let through 70% of visible light.

UV is for Ultraviolet ray proof 

ultraviolet rays can harm your skin and eyes. UV rays can be blocked with car window film, which can shield your skin and eyes from the sun's damaging rays. for example UV 80% means 80% of UV lights are blocked outside , so it is better for bigger value . 

IR is Infrared resistant ability

Infrared rays are a type of radiation that can cause heat, IR means those lights are blocked by car window film, which helps keep your car cooler in the summer.

Depending on the film's type, a car window film may block some or all of the VLT, UV, and IR rays. While certain films are made to prevent more infrared wavelengths than others, some are designed to block more UV rays. When lower UV and IR value of percentage, less relevant lights are blocked, But when increase VLT value in percentage, more transparent of vision,  It's important to pick a film that will effectively block the UV and IR radiation you want to block.

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Depending on local laws, people can consider like these way:

1. Non-reflective tint, also referred to as normal tint, offers a fundamental degree of sun protection while preserving good visibility. It usually has a VLT between 50% and 70%.

2. Mid-range tint: This group provides higher heat rejection and increased privacy. It typically has a VLT between 35% and 50%.

3. Dark tint: Films with a darker tint offer better heat rejection, less glare, and more privacy. The VLT for them ranges from 20% to 35%.

4. Limo tint: Films in this category tend to be the darkest and have a very low VLT, usually between 5% and 10%.  It offers maximum privacy, glare reduction, and heat rejection but may also impair visibility, especially when driving at night.

It is critical to examine your local laws and regulations regarding automobile tint film, as different area have varying rules and recommendations on the maximum permissible VLT % for each window of a vehicle. 

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