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Car Window Tinting: Stylish Protection from Sunlight Glare
Kunlin analyzes how dark car tints aren't always best. For safety, 50% windshield tint is recommended. Kunlin suggest 20-35% tint on side and rear windows to balance glare reduction with outward visibility for driving. So as other ideas of choose
What is car windows tint ?
Car window tint is for blocking or reducing the amount of sunlight and UV rays that enter the car, providing protection to the occupants from harmful rays and reducing the fading of the car's interior. Here is the article about its category and usage created by window film supplier Kunlin manufacturer.
What Are Window Films Made Of ?
Kunlin glass film factory provide a brief introduction of what materials use on windows film: Most window films are made from polymer materials with other elements depending on their intended use and specific properties. These polymers are combined with other adadhesionditives and dyes to create films with different optical, mechanical, and properties. For example building Windows film and car tint film is different material.
 What are Window Films?
Window films are about five types,They are typically made from polymer materials according user's requirement, for example: reduce UV radiation and heat, prevent glare, increase privacy and safety, protect indoor furnitures. Kunlin Factory is the manufactuer of window films.
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