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Develop more than 10 new products every quarter
20 years of professional customized production
Delivery guaranteed within 30 days
More than 500 professional customers worldwide
Annual output of 1 million pieces
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  Want to improve the overall design of the space?

  Want to change the monotonous glass partition?

 Want to get eye-catching scene experience?

   Want to experience a comfortable indoor environment?

   Want to quickly renovate the dilapidated exterior wall?

Professional construction/home decorative films and color vinyl roll manufacturer and supplier

Professional high-end decorative film, we have more than 1000 kinds of color choices, fast construction, no dust and noise, its formaldehyde free formula makes health more secure, through the first level of fire safety and LEED environmental protection certification, to help you create a new aesthetic, environmental and safe environment.

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Senior decorative film technology

All self-adhesive films we create are born with the specific purpose of uniting quality, safety and design. Each film, before being put into production is subjected to a series of tests to ensure that the product is suitable for its use.

Color as always

The high-quality pvc film makes the pattern and texture stability more reliable, and there will be no obvious color difference.We use water-based eco-friendly ink. Our engineers are the first batch in the industry to make decorative films. The color of different batches of products can be controlled within 5%, and each color sample will be left with a bottom number for customers to purchase again.

Soft and flexible

High quality pvc film is soft and flexible, and the product has good pull-up performance, with a tensile force of 2000-2500N. In order to save cost, poor quality pvc membrane uses calcium powder content of more than 40%, which causes the pvc membrane to become hard and brittle, unable to withstand cold weather, and the tensile property becomes poor, which is easy to turn white after pasting, affecting the beauty and service life of the product

Perfect covering power
The thickness of our pvc film is relatively thick and has good coverage, which is also an important factor in judging whether the pvc film is good or not. Moreover, our products have good flatness and no curling, thereby reducing losses. Some products on the market with poor coverage cannot hide the original texture and stains of the furniture.
Safe and durable glue

Our factory has the ability to mix glue, and can deploy different glues according to the different purposes of customers. Quality inspectors strictly control the stability of the glue on all products, which means that as the temperature changes, the film stretches and allows you to stick even in difficult places like corners or edges.

Resistance to extreme conditions
Our pvc film has heat resistance and flame retardancy, and the fire rating reaches B1 level.However, the inferior pvc film is prone to wrinkling and skin bursting when it comes into contact with heated items. What's more, our products are moisture-proof and mildew-proof, can be scrubbed with water, moisture will not enter the substrate, and avoid problems such as deformation of the door panel.
What we do
Various decorative films
Are you looking for wood like finished lamination paper for MDF, plywood, particle board, chipboard, or door surface? You come to the right place. kunlin Decorative is a company that manufactures and supplies stable quality oak, pine, peach, pearwood, ash willow, splicing wood laminae finish foil paper.

PVC Membrane foil

PVC wood Membrane Foil is mainly used in furniture, cabinet and decorative board industries. It can not only be used for surface pasting, but also can be used for vacuum blistering. Moreover, the processing is very fast, the shaping degree is good, and the surface is bright and bright. There is no need to spray western paint on the surface. It has good water resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and is easy to clean. It is a new environment-friendly decorative material.

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Decorative films

With hundreds of styles to choose from, Kunlin wood wrap vinyl provide you with an unparalleled ability to customize your interior. Desks, walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, and more can be given new life with these self-adhesive vinyl wraps. wood wrap vinyl products are engineered with fire-resistant treatments to ensure your safety and are designed to resist everyday wear and tear.

  Customize your doors, tables and more with one application

  Large Selection of Styles & Designs

  Transform your surfaces with limited waste

  Liven up your interiors with surface finishes that reflect your personality

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Glass film

Window solar films can help you save money on your home's energy bill all year around. It can also help reduce glare, block the UV rays that cause fading. Privacy Film make your home, office, or commercial space more inviting, while providing more privacy for your family or staff members and employees. 

 UV Fade Protection Film

Decorative & Privacy Film

 Safety & Security Film

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Vinyl sticker roll

For full color designs, we start with premium air egress vinyl that has special channels in the adhesive to make bubble free installation a snap. We utilize eco-solvent inks to provide longevity out in the elements. We add a UV gloss laminate on top to provide additional protection from the sun and scratch resistance. 

  Easy to cut & Weed
  Waterproof & durability
  Lettering advertisement & Poster design
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Get a free decorative film sample from KUNLIN

Whether you’re looking for simple Decorative films or glass films, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of our Free Sample Offer. Many of our current clients test our products before they make a purchase. Why? They want to take a close look at our Decorative films quality
Why inventory is important

We not only provide a variety of decorative film products, but also have sufficient inventory for fast delivery. As we have many designs,it is really too hard for us to send you all our catalogue and price list.Please inform me the items,size and packages you interested in,so we can offer you the price list for your reference.


Generally the delivery time is 25-30 days.We will make the delivery as soon as possible with the guaranted quality.Usually we accept T/T and L/C,and if small order,cash and West Union is also available.


We cherish every order and every customer, and never stop pursuing better service for our customers, because we attach great importance to our long-term cooperative relationship.

freight transport

Transportation services you know and trust

During long distance transportation, there may be many force majeure. Decorative film requires great care and expertise, but it is still fragile during transportation. We track individual deliveries and monitor the ongoing performance of transport personnel to ensure that high standards of care and punctuality are maintained.

There is no factory without mistakes. We treat every customer as a VIP. If there is a quality problem, we will never escape. We can ask the customer to send the sample back, check what the problem is, and compensate for the loss. We promise that the next batch will not occur again.

Kunlin uses several different modes of transportation, as detailed below. For each product on our website, you can mark a specific transportation method or use the method we recommend.
Sea Transport
The company is located in the economic zone, close to seaports and airports. Long term cooperation with logistics companies to provide timely import and export logistics services. If the goods are in large quantities and sufficient time is reserved, we suggest shipping
Express Service
We recommend Express Delivery if time is of importance and you need to send your decorative films economically. With our Express Service we make sure your shipment is delivered the next working day.
Air Freight
In case of urgent items, air freight shipment is used for global shipments: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT. Thanks to our large network with the most advanced airlines, we can ship your parcels at lightning speed.
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