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Development History
Over the past 20 years, Kunlin has become an unshakable industry focus.
In 2023, Kunlin will build a new production line in Zhaoqing Industrial Park, the workshop will upgrade from the original 10,000-level dust-free to 1,000-level dust-free. That means solar film technology will be improved. We will also add nanometer and metal elements inside new products to upgrade, the quality will be close to big international brands already, but price will be very competitive. We will also set up a research building for furture product development too.
In 2022, Kun Linlin launched a new brand "Caviosen", together with a series of furniture decoration films that are upgraded from previous products. all with new characteristics of high matteness, cold resistance, and tear resistance. The glue is removeable and the viscosity reaches 3800. Back with air release channel for more convenient to peel and stick.
In 2021, Kunlin purchased an industrial land in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, and start building a brand-new factory.
In 2019, we added a new flow grinding machine. Starting QC from TPU masterbatch, the coating and glue were constantly upgraded. At last successfully developed instant repair TPU which will not hydrate or yellow decay, this product Kunlin has officially put into production and sales in 2020.
In 2018, China's car color changing film has entered a rapid era, and car car vinyl wrap have been upgraded from PVC/PPF to TPH TPU. At the beginning, Chinese TPU raw materials were not good. 
In 2017, a new 10,000-level dust-free workshop was added to produce solar film.
In 2016, due to Chinese government stricter environmental protection laws, Kunlin factory moved to Foshan, began to develop car film raw materials, added embossed laminating machines, and successfully developed optical glitter glass films.
In 2014, Kunlin added two high-speed production lines, mainly produced wood grain decorative film (water glue) and advertising color cutting vinyl (oil glue).
In 2010, Kunlin started first simple production line in Guangzhou to produce the first generation of slim PVC furniture film. At that time, this product was called Boeing film.
In 2004, benefiting from the economic boost of WTO, Kunlin started to get foreign trade orders.
In 2002, KunLin company started as a decorative vinyl trader.
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