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PVC Membrane Foil

Typical design for oveasea market and suitable for most of heat wrap machines

KunLin Pvc Membrane Foil developed membrane foil some years ago, it has acquired a very good market share in China domestic market because of its stable high quality. Many companies have begun to introduce and promote them as a door foil or board lamination product and sold oveasea in mass quantity. 

We realize local and oveasea market's difference on speficiation and quality standard, it is imporant for customer to find a quality Pvc Membrane Foil manufacturer with good brand. Here, you can examine PVC membrane foils with various colors and patterns that is typical design for oversea market. This is 100% satisfied quality for you 
Wood Grain PVC Film

Thickness: 0.12 – 0.6mm

Width: 1260mm/1400mm/1430mm/customized

Length: 80-500meters/roll

Package: Roll in carton box & pallet

Color: Wide color selection like Wood grain colors, solid colors, matt colors, sparkle colors, high gloss colors, wallpaper colors

High resistance to ignition, UV and scratch and resistant to many chemicals

Surface: Embossed, matt, glossy, super matt, soft touch, 3D, 2D or customize 

Easy processing: thermoforming, bending, cutting, cementing, die cutting

Support various printing methods: silkscreen, offset printing, flexo printing, large format solvent ink printing, heat transfer printing

PVC Marble Film
Name: Marble self adhesive sticker
Width: 1260mm/1400mm * 20M/50M/100M
Thickness :  0.12m-0.5mm release paper 100g
Glue peeling force: 2100g
Glue durability: 8years
Material: environmentally friendly PVC resin
Best Weathering Properties with Excellent UV Resistance
Stain, Solvent and corrosion resistance 
Eco-friendly, not toxic, cost-effective and  flame-proof
Europe standard design and compatiable with most of latest machines 
Application: home / commercial interion decor, furnitures

PVC Solid Film
Width: 1200~1420mm (according to customers' demands)
Length: 80-500m/roll
Thickness: 0.12mm-0.5mm (according to customers' demands)
Adhesive type: Not Self-Adhesive
Surface Treatment: Embossed, Frosted / Etched, Opaque, Stained
Applications: Doors,Kitchen Cabinets,Wardrobe, Furniture

Advantages: good flatness, exquisite color, high stability color, no color differences, elegant durable, water proof, fire proof, low shrinkage

Processing Machine: Heat press / vacuum wrapping machine

Why Buy

Kunlin adhesive vinyl is already a reputated Pvc Membrane Manufacturers brand for its realistic texture, we have good technology to make PVC Membrane Foil to same level.

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Kunlin factory focus on high end market PVC membrane vinyls, all design, research and machines are advanced enough to create the best texture on vinyl. It is already proved by customers in self adhesive vinyl field.
As China is the biggest laminate / vacuum heat press machines output country, our pvc membrane foils are developed to be compatiable with them. We buy machines to test or send our samples to those machinery factory to test foilsreliability already.
We are not a small Pvc Membrane Manufacturers already. We strive to develop safe, and environmentally friendly decor films for a greener world and human-beings sustainable development. So we have full LAB testing institute and QC team to make sure quality is 100% satisfied.
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A eco-friendly developing decorative vinyl
1. PVC membrane foil can be used for lumber, plywood, aluminum alloy, gypsum board, furniture, cabinets, decorative materials, advertising, audio industry, all of those surface's covering.
2. This technology is far more better than traditonal surface treatment , it give cabinets, furniture, and doors a unique artistic appeal that stands out in the competition. The membrane foils protect furniture from abrasion and weathering. 

3. KunLin Membrane foil is made according EU standard , it is 100% eco-friendly, no toxic, low cost and easily apply on most of vacuum heat forming machines. 

4. Factory has hundreds of ready stock models for fast delivery, accept custom design patterns, thickness, size even material formular change. Our R&D is developing new models day by day all along. 
Support all kinds of extreme lamination

1.  Various boards can be covered by Kunlin vacuum membrane foil on the surface such as MDF, veneer boards, flake boards, fiberboards, block boards and other materials of high-pressure floor slabs, asbestos boards, slates, aluminum and plastic profiles , then become a new composite board for different usage.

2. Throughout creative design holes layout on mold for the vacuum to pull air through, new generation particular patterns of dent, gaps and holes all along the sheet periphery are created smoothly, it greatly boost up the whole value of finished products so as benefit clients. 

3. Typical design KunLin easy-heat-transformal membrane foils would not suck the plastic tight against the bottom of the mold, it looks like creating a custom platen to sit on top of the regular platen. Provide a beautiful and durable laminated layer surface.  

Wide Application of PVC Membrane Foil

Perfect shaped on large curved mold
Frame wood work wraps
All frame works for photo / door / ceiling frame
Custom CNC engrave model's surface treatment
Whole 4 x 8 feet sheet wrapping for typical situation
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Our experts are available to assist you in getting exactly what you need.
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