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Do darker car window tints have higher infrared blocking rates?
The color of vehicle window tint does not always correspond to its infrared blocking rate. Some tints with dark colors may not successfully block infrared rays, while some tints with light colors may have significant infrared blocking rates. A particular testing tool is the best approach to measure an infrared blocking rate of car tint
2023 07 21
what is the advantage of TPU material as car paint protective film?
TPU car paint protect film is a highly flexible and durable layer that protects car paint from damage caused by oil, grease, weak alkali, sand, gravel, acid rain, and UV rays. It maintains the original car color and increases gloss by up to 20%. The pressure-sensitive adhesive ensures easy removal with no residual adhesive. It meets environmental protection requirements.
2023 06 16
Why PPF Car Paint Protection Film is Better in TPU Material
TPU film is a flexible and durable material that can provide excellent protection for your car's paint. It is easy to install and remove, TPU film is also relatively cost-effective compared to other car paint protection options, can also enhance the appearance of your car by offering a variety of color and finish options. it is also long-lasting and has a self-healing character, which means that it can repair itself when exposed to heat or other elements.
2023 06 15
how to count Total barrier rate of solar film?
A brief counting method to get any solar film's total barrier rate.
2023 04 07
main difference between Clear and Milky frost glass film
Different level of Opacity white glitter frost glass film compare knowledge, and guess which one is using on our office glass ?
2023 03 30
How to stick decorative vinyl on Wall easily
An informal instruction of how to paste a decorative vinyl on wall looks better
2022 11 30
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