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    As a professional decorative vinyl manufacturer for decades, we are able to offer thousands of different color and finish options, our most popular finishes are: wood, solid color, marble, brick, cement, metallic, fabric etc., which can be gloss, matte, texture or pattern. We have samples of every color and finish available/viewable in our domestic factory. But if all in one brand, this can be very confusing for everyday consumer. At last our distributor and us create many of the top vinyl film brands according different areas, market segments or application field, that is easier to guide user to get what they hope. 

    Here we display some of our brands. We welcome distributors add your company’s brand narrative into our brands list space — where your organization’s culture, values, and expectations are front and center. Read these showcase to get more information about our products and the industry and thus feedbacks will get inspiration for your brand ideas too. 

    However, We are creator of decorative vinyl films.
Top brand of decorative vinyl
Latest brand with advanced technology for high-end market, 160+ products in cement, solid, dermatoglyphic, metallic, marble, wood, fabric.
First factory own brand
The brand begin with company startup, most of old pattern and logo spread out all over the world, customers reorder for reputated quality.
Kunlin for new factory products
The brand starts for new factory start to make new models of decorative vinyls with new technology and machines
Ruishitu for domestic reseller
Regisit for domestic market reseller but ship to oversea market, that's the identify for custom specification according customers request.
The logo for domestic market, design for competitive price decorative vinyl film to occupy low market.
The Italian style brand typical design for local high end market, not accept custom design orders.
Represent high end market attitude, this is brand for llocal building material dealer, construction contractor with ready stock support
The brand is built for young people for Korean modeern style decorative vinyl films, mainly for local house fast renovation modern wallpaper series
Design for our local agency. It will be a long term advertising brand for popular products.
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