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Kunlin vinyl achieved loyd's Register Quality Assurance
Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 applicable to Design and Manufacture of Self Adhesive Plastic Film.
We get these achievement rely on all of our managment departments continuous efforts to innovate.

President office
Direct and manage our organization's business activities and to develop and implement effective business strategies and programs. 

Allocating budget resources, formulating policies, coordinating business operations, monitoring and motivating staff, managing operational costs, improving administration processes, identifying business opportunities, and monitoring financial activities. Generating new business, increasing staff productivity, improving service, ensuring sustainability, and meeting business objectives.

Business office

We allocate two department inside : Domestic and oversea sales. 
Manger the process of hiring, training and motivating sales staff, coordinating operations across the sales department and implementing a cohesive sales strategy that drives business revenues. Sales team are the lifeblood of KunLIN and managing the sales process is one of the most important functions of Kunlin sales manager.

Each department has logistic team to follow up order flows. 
Admin office
Admin team are support specialists who uses processes focused on the technical aspect of running who company efficiently and strategically.

Common duties and responsibilities are: Hiring new employees and supervising existing employees, Organizing files, invoices, purchase orders and receipts, scheduling and organizing meetings and events, Leading employee orientation and training programs, ensuring company employees and staff are happy and productive

They also in charge security guards, kitchen and scrap recovery staffs.
Buying Office
Conducting market research to keep abreast of emerging trends and business opportunities, search potential vendors and suppliers, sourcing materials, goods, products, and services, negotiate pricing, struggling on most cost-effective contracts and deals include transport costs, inspecting goods, and updating records.

Reordering supplies and stock as necessary.
Financial Ofifice
Kunlin financial office has various of working like bookkeeping and payables/receivables, financial reporting and control, tax and compliance, strategic planning and financial planning & analysis,  treasury & working capital management,capital budgeting, risk management, corporate development & corporate strategy
Factory Director office
Kunlin is running a big modern vinyl film factory , Director and his assistance is in charge of below department :

Plan department:
Coordinating production workflow for one or multiple products, planning and prioritizing operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay, determining manpower, equipment and raw materials needed to cover production demand.
Embossing department:
 different embossed rolling mould and special formulations allow optimal adhesion control of the film on to various substrates and allow either increasing or minimizing the release properties. this department will create profit products from huge range of structures, colors, widths and thicknesses for specific requirements.
Coating department:
This department support whole factory lines' coating technology innovation and continuous product and process improvement, research a variety of complementary techniques for the complete and effective characterization of thin films and coatings.
Slitting department: 
vinyl films finish-products need to slit them down to the exact specifications, this department is for having high yields and ultimately delivering a cost savings, technican are highly trained operators using state of the art equipment to break them down precisely.
R&D department (QC):
This Research analytical team provides all of the analytical R&D and quality control services needed for process development, they focus on method development, method verification / validation, reference standard certification, release testing, stability studies, and impurity separation and identification. They also have a laboratory to support above works.
Wareshop department:
Raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products is the responsibility of this department. For processing orders, they must operate mechanical and IT systems to administering stock control, contact with transport companies, suppliers and clients to make sure quality objectives and delivery deadlines are met. All warehouses stocking must be compliance with health and safety legislation.
Graphis Office
The team confer with and advises clients on graphic design and multimedia projects; creates texture design concepts and makes recommendations to clients; determines format, layout, art work, photography, vinyl film type, colors, typeface, typesetting specifications, ink selections, size, and finish; estimates project costs and production.
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