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Innovations in Vinyl is leading sustainability and serving society in the 21st Century

We’re lucky that our planet has abundant natural resources to provide humans with the necessities for life, but if we don’t manage those resources prudently we will run out. 

We’re now realizing that if the human population continues to grow at the current rate and we continue to consume resources at current levels, we will eventually run out of the resources we need to survive. 

The Earth’s natural resources are abundant, but not infinite. This is why Sustainable Development is so important. Fortunately Sustainable Development is now happening all over the world. 

As a leading Chinese manufacturer in construction industry vinyl field, KunLin already realize its responsibiltiy : “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. 

Construction industry also has a role to play in Sustainable Development by consuming natural resources wisely and using as much recycled building materials as possible so that our children and grandchildren have enough resources to build the buildings and infrastructure that they need. 

Let’s look at our Vinyl is mainly made of PVC . 
PVC is recyclable and recycled
Vinyl is 100 percent recyclable, so natural resources can be further conserved by recycling Vinyl scrap. In 2019, more than 1.1 billion pounds of PVC was recycled in the US and Canada. Testing has shown that PVC can be recycled up to seven times without losing its mechanical properties – proof of its circularity.

Its durability allows products to be in service for upwards of 100 years. 
KunLun sustainable vinyl film stays in use for decades and doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other products. Termites and insects won’t destroy it, and hail won’t dent it. The life  time last much longer than metal, clay, or cement pipes that rust, corrode, and break much sooner, requiring additional energy to replace and fix.
PVC has less embodied carbon than most other building materials
Iron, steel, and concrete are some of the most significant contributors to the high carbon footprints of buildings because they require more energy to manufacture and transport. Sustainable vinyl products have lower embodied carbon levels.
PVC Vinyl is lightweight, so it costs less to ship and install.
Other construction materials mostly need big and heavy machinery to move and install, requiring more fuel. However, Lightweight PVC vinyl just peel and stick by hand, reduce the consume of our vehicles so as auto parts waste, which improves gas efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 
KunLin Vinyl Products is used for many applications such as flooring, wall-covering, furniture renovation, car wrap . it is corrosion-resistance, abrasion-resistance, superior strength, and longevity. Our clients are mainly use for renovation or decorative, that means lower consume of new item production .

Imagine a product that was manufactured, from resources that is just for brand new,  then waste because of old,  how many times of unnecessary stuffs are made, so as waste until it occupy landfills zone, and how many space left for our future children ? 
Today, global Vinyl industry is working tirelessly to promote Vinyl recycling through innovations in recycling technologies and legislation to provide tax incentives to manufacturers for increasing the recycled Vinyl content in their products. 

In fact, although not all of it.  Kunlin is one of the factory using recycled vinyl scrap,  we have own technology and patent to do that , we are stand in line with global enterprises that realize the importance of sustainability. 
We are proudly to be one of them.
Our ultimate goal is to recycle 100 percent of the Vinyl scrap generated globally and divert all Vinyl waste from landfills. While this may be an ambitious goal, it is achievable. 

Because this is not some make-believe fantasy product, this is Vinyl. 
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