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Our quality management

The creation of standard-compliant products and the orientation towards the needs of our customers are clearly defined by our mission statement, the guiding strategy and the Code of Conduct. This explicitly includes the fulfilment of customer requirements, legal and official requirements. For our products we ensure conformity with international product standards. We have committed ourselves to continuous improvement, backed up by a certified management system.

KunLin has an integrated management system by ourselves and thus fulfils its commitment to continuous improvement and ensures knowledge of and compliance with clearly defined requirements in all areas. The Quality Management System is basically structured according to the high-level structure of ISO 9001. All the management systems used are combined in KunLin quality system. Common topics from the different standards products like household vinyls , car vinyls, glass films are dealt with as a catagory topic within the framework, individual specifications are handled in special processes.

The primary goal in raw material purchasing is to supply our production facilities with the required quantity and quality, taking into account economic and sustainability aspects. To this end, we are developing direct, high-quality business relationships with our suppliers, service providers and carriers. 

Different products are assigned to certain technical classes in European harmonised standards, for which different technical requirements apply. Which KunLun products meet which requirements is shown in the performance declarations of the products. With thehelp of these performance declarations, including use classes, utility classes and durability, customers can
determine the right product for the respective application. If the product is used properly, installed professionally, and maintained and serviced appropriately (use class conditions), the conditions for a long product life are fulfilled.
Here is an example of KunLin Woodgrain Vinyl , compared to other decorative materials. it is prominent appearance and excellent quality 

Eco Friendly

1. Use of Environmental and Eco-friendly Raw Materials
 Heavy Metals like Lead and Cadmium and other harmful substances are undetected
•  VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are minimal

2. Almost No Formaldehyde (HCHO)

3. Global Green Certified Products
• passed and issued the European Safety Certification (CE Mark) and South Korea Eco-friendly certification (Environmental Certification Mark)
• Uses Phthalate Free Plasticizers

Fire Performance

1. A2 and B1 Fire Retardant by the National Building Materials Fire Rating.
2. KunLin Interior Film fire detection A-level results


1. Non-toxic Anti-Bacterial Agents are added to ensure excellent antibacterial properties
2. Antibacterial performance test chart (after 24 hours) 
3.Kunlun Woodgrain Vinyl other appearance and excellent superior quality compared to similar vinyl materials
We are still struggling on upgrading this quality section in details . to us, quality means fulfilling defined requirements in everything we undertake. We have committed ourselves to continuous improvement, backed up by a certified management system.

In the future, KunLin will assure a high product quality and formulates the technical characteristics of its products in a clear and transparent way hereby. That means not only comply with international product standards ISO 9001 but also the cornerstones of our work include reliable quality, design and technical competence, specialised consulting, as well as services for sales support. 

All our services are based on current and future customer needs.

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