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How to stick decorative vinyl on Wall easily


The most common issue

when the beautiful wall paper arrive or it’s been three weeks since you painted your wall, the most frustrating feelings is, you try to apply your decal, but it paste like a shit. You followed the instructions, tear off release paper, and after all goes a round, SHIT ON WALL !

In this article , To figure out how to get your wall decal to stick as good looking, Kunlin Vinyl editor hope you spend some minutes to think before purchasing . 

<1> Know your wall ?

Since adhesive decorative vinyl require the pasted place is fixed and stable,if missed this point,vinyl is easily fell off , you might pick it up again to paste , but dust is already sticked on glue and redce adhesive ability, although it can be glued uppon in the end, the result is not satisfactory , so you need to check wall quality before proceeding . I hope your wall doesn't like these :

How to stick decorative vinyl on Wall easily 1

1. Dirty Wall

Dust and dirt do not have any adhesion on the wall, if wall decorative vinyl stick on it , it will certainly fall .

2. New Paint

How can some one imagine the paint is not dry , the wall vinyl can stick on it ? And the paint emits gases up to 2 week, those gases can cause the adhesive to fail too.

3. Unfinished Walls

If your walls are unfinished or unpainted, those Old, peeling paint can also keep your wall from sticking. But there is still some one paste brick wall vinyl on old brick for what ? Please take care of that before applying your vinyl wallpaper roll.

4. Textured Walls

Although this happen rarely, Some special wall paints can not stick any thing on it at all , before purchasing , please test with a piece of cheaper sealing tape.

5. Too Dry

I know a guy with incredible brain use an aged wall vinyl roll stored 10 years to paste, the adhesive layer has dry out / overdue , how come this wall vinyl roll stick on wall ?

6. Sealants 

If accidentally, sealant gets under the wall vinyl back, it can cause it to bubble and curl, because some sealant actually might prevent the decal from sticking.

7. Bad quality Vinyl

That won't happen on Kunlin Vinyl ! Bad quality vinyl often doesn’t have as much adhesive, which results in it falling off the wall or peeling.

<2> Know decorative vinyl ?
How to stick decorative vinyl on Wall easily 2

1. Release paper

 Wood grain film has adhesive backing require release paper to cover , avoid self-adhesion , you need to uncover release paper to paste woodgrain vinyl .

2. Adhesive layer

Kunlin wood grain film has air channel technology on this layer, and uses strong environmental protection glue. It sticks tightly and is suitable for many different substrates. Anti-oxidation, high flatness of adhesive layer.

3. Printing layer

Roller press printing process to form a realistic imitation wood grain effect together with bump texture. Kunlin Vinyl has hundreds of different texture moulds with fixed colors' parameter.

4. Protective layer

This layer is the most key part to make wood grain film as moisture-proof, flame-retardant, scratch-proof and wear-resistant etc. , Its quality determines the quality of wood grain film . 


<3> Correct stick process ?

How to stick decorative vinyl on Wall easily 3

Here is a simple instruction.

1. Prepair tools 

Better prepair tools like : rag, sticker, Hair dryer, knife, scraper, tape measure . Lay your vinyl wall film back upside on a smooth, hard surface such as a tabletop, wall, or floor,there is Built-in scale on the back . 

2. Measure wall and cut decorative vinyl

Measure the place you are going to paste carefully , then cut vinyl with knife or scissors. Note: Be ware of size measurement should be correct , once mistake cutting , can not recover . 

3. Unroll and paste

remove backing Paper slowly,  roll the woodgrain vinyl down on to the wall from the edge. Use the your palm smooth and secure it from the center outward. During process of pasting film, if there is excess edge use knife cut away . Carefully peel the backing paper off, pull the backing paper slowly using your hand to push vinyl stick on wall as you slide the backing paper off, if there is bubble , use the scraper to remove . If there is some corner hard to paste,  use a hair dryer to heat and soften by pressing corresponding place with a towel to make it stick tightly . 

4. All done !




How to stick decorative vinyl on Wall easily 4

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