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what's the difference between TPU and TPH


TPU is a well-established material, TPH is a newer hybrid material, both can be installed as car paint protection film, applied to car paint surfaces and protect against scratches and chips, but what's the difference of them, here is a brief video by Kunlin protection film manufacturer.

TPU is a type of plastic made from a mixture of polyurethane and thermoplastic elastomers. Its flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for protecting car paint from scratches, chips, and other types of damage. TPU films can be easily applied to car paint surfaces using a clear coat self-adhesive back layer. After installation, it more resistant to peeling and delamination. 

TPU is expensive and often used as protective coatings for car paint, because it can be self-healing after scratching. Which greatly extend using life.

TPH usually is improved by PVC, coated with a transparent layer to rainforce scratch ability, making it more resistant to peeling and delamination , then  adds an adhesive layer for enhanced bonding and protection. It also combines the advantages of TPU with an adhesive layer. This adhesive layer provides better protection against peeling and delamination, making TPH films more durable and long-lasting than PVC. But it is not as good as TPU.

TPH is cheaper than TPU , TPH does not support self-healing after scratching,  just same high clear looking cause consumer's brain is blank.  

You know , market always has cheater ...

what's the difference between TPU and TPH 1

However , As Kunlin is professional protection film manufacturer and building a brand for distributor . Here is a short video to tell you how to findout difference:

1. Cut a small strip then pull slowly , if TPU , later you can see small horizontal lines , that is because TPU contain nano coating of self-healing .  While TPH see nothing . 

2. If tear TPH & TPU , the main difference is its flexibility. TPU is hard to break , but TPH is same as PVC , easy to tear off.   ( This method require experience in comparison )

3. TPU is more glossy than TPH after installation . ( technican just see and knows )

what's the difference between TPU and TPH 2

We will provide more and more lessons for our dear customers, any one hope to wholesale ppf film is welcome and please feel free to contact us. 


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