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Kunlin Shows Off State-of-the-Art TPU Paint Protective Film


Kunlin vinyl create an new video about 1. car tpu ppf manufacturing 2. scratch proof 3. high stretch ability 4. hard to puncture through , 5. self-healing 6. car fresh new looking after installation.

Kunlin Vinyl, a leading ppf film supplier, has put out an interesting movie showing their advanced thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint protection film (PPF) technology for automotive uses.

Kunlin Shows Off State-of-the-Art TPU Paint Protective Film 1

The video shows how Kunlin's TPU PPF production line works from the inside. Using very precise methods, they make high-quality, long-lasting films that protect the outside of cars.


The video shows key features of Kunlin's TPU PPF by demonstrating how it works:


Scratch Protection: Even when cutting with a rock or stone, the self-healing TPU film doesn't get scratched.

Elasticity: The PPF can stretch and shape itself to fit the curves of a car.

Puncture resistance: use a screwdriver can't easily cut through the TPU barrier, which is hard to break.

Self-Healing: Scratches can be self-healed with heat, bringing back the smooth surface of the PPF.

Kunlin Shows Off State-of-the-Art TPU Paint Protective Film 2


After install our premium TPU Paint protection films on a beautiful sports car. The car looks as good as the day it left the shop floor because the paint is smooth and shiny.

Kunlin Shows Off State-of-the-Art TPU Paint Protective Film 3

As a professional ppf film supplier, that is what we hope to show that our TPU PPF technology can do what it says it can do. Kunlin has an innovative answer for car lovers who want the best paint protection and want their cars to keep their factory-fresh shine for years to come.

Tips : if your car aways run on country side , it is necessary to install our TPU Paint protection film . You know that . 

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