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An water hydrophobicity examination of car TPU paint prootective film


Kunlin knowledge: TPU paint protection film (PPF) for cars is measured on a 0-10 scale, with 10 being fully hydrophobic. this article explain highly hydrophobic TPU PPF beads water well, protecting paint and simplifying cleaning. Maintaining hydrophobicity involves regular washing and reapplying hydrophobic coatings over time.

An water hydrophobicity examination of car TPU paint prootective film 1

The ability of an object to keep water away is called its hydrophobicity, also called its water repellency. Higher hydrophobicity is good for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint protection films (PPF) that are put on cars surface to protect the paint avoid water damage. Here is a video from Kunlin vinyl protection film manufacturer to explain how to test the hydrophobicity of TPU PPFs, in the article also update the benefits of highly hydrophobic films, and the best ways to keep hydrophobicity.

Methods for Testing Hydrophobicity:

The level of water repellency of TPU PPF is measured on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest amount. Controlled water droplet tests are done on the PPF surface to figure out the grade. Hydrophobicity can be figured out by looking at the form, contact angle, and rolling-off behaviour of droplets. Excellent hydrophobicity is shown by drops that are round, have high contact angles, and roll off easily. Other advanced ways include testing the slide angle and measuring the contact angle hysteresis.

An water hydrophobicity examination of car TPU paint prootective film 2


Why High Hydrophobicity TPU PPF is a Good Thing:


TPU PPF films with a grade of 8 or higher are thought to be very water resistant. These films are good at making water droplets that roll off the surface. This has three main advantages:

Better resistance against water damage to the paint beneath : 

1. Cleaning is easier because water and dirt just wash off the PPF.

2. The paint's shine and reflection are better because there is less water left on it.

3. Keeping the surface water-resistant.

As time passes, weathering, abrasion, and the buildup of particles will make TPU PPF less water-repellent. By removing dirt, oils, and other deposits, regular washing with mild soap and water helps recover hydrophobicity. Sometimes, cleaners with stronger chemicals may also be good for reapplying hydrophobic coats at the right times, that will also keep water from pooling.

An water hydrophobicity examination of car TPU paint prootective film 3

So just try to purchase some sample from Kunlin paint protection film manufacturer, Our car TPU PPF with the highest possible amount of water repellency gives automotive paint better protection. With proper care, the water-beading effect can last for a long time.

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