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Unparalleled Solar Protection with Kunlin Vinyl's Innovative Tint


Kunlin Vinyl offer new automobile window tint which is unrivaled solar protection and privacy. A woman precisely applies the nano-ceramic color without bubbles in a demonstration of straightforward DIY installation. The interior is fully hidden by the remarkable mirrored purple-blue façade, which rejects over 98% of infrared radiation. Inside visibility remains great. Precision engineering filters out 99% of UV rays, reducing heat and glare. Attractive coloring also enhances the appearance of the car. The tint from Kunlin Vinyl is excellent for solar blocking, skin protection, privacy, and individual fashion.

Kunlin Vinyl's newest car window tinting product provides unparalleled solar protection and privacy for discerning drivers. This demonstrational video depicts a woman adeptly installing the technologically advanced film herself in the driver's side front window. Utilizing the included scraper, she expertly applies the tint while smoothly eliminating bubbles for a flawless finish.


Unparalleled Solar Protection with Kunlin Vinyl's Innovative Tint 1


From the exterior, the window takes on a striking mirrored blue-purple hue, completely concealing the inside of the vehicle. This prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from permeating the glass while also rejecting over 98% of infrared radiation, as verified through handheld meter analysis. Visibility from the cabin remains optimally clear and undistorted.


Unparalleled Solar Protection with Kunlin Vinyl's Innovative Tint 2


Through the implementation of precision nano-ceramic layering techniques, Kunlin Vinyl has engineered an exceptional window tint. The product blocks over 99% of UV rays from entering the vehicle, helping prevent skin aging and damage from the sun. It also significantly decreases heat and glare within the interior. Additionally, the attractive coloration gives vehicles an eye-catching customized appearance.


Unparalleled Solar Protection with Kunlin Vinyl's Innovative Tint 3


Experience superior UV ray protection, infrared radiation rejection, temperature reduction, and privacy with the newly developed tint system from Kunlin Vinyl. The company stands behind the product's hassle-free self-installation and enduring high performance. Defend your skin and upgrade your car with innovative film technology today.

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