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TPU Paint Protection - Maintaining Your Car's Pristine Look


beautiful SUV covered with (Car TPU PPF) paint protection film through harsh scratch testing by Kunlin Beauty Model. The self-healing TPU film protects original paint from scraping. Heat heals scratches instantly. Genuine TPU film bubbles when burned, while fakes dissolve. This shows TPU paint protection film's protection from manufacturing line footage to the SUV's pristine exterior. To keep your car beautiful, invest.

See the protecting abilities of Kunlin paint protection film company's (Car TPU) paint protection film (PPF) for vehicles. A clean SUV is completely coated with a translucent TPU film that contours flawlessly to the body. In extreme scratch tests, a sharp instrument scrapes the surface forcefully but does not damage the factory paint after the PPF is removed.

TPU Paint Protection - Maintaining Your Car's Pristine Look 1

The camera zooms in to show how well the TPU film resists serious scratching attempts. A key slides across the surface, unable to break through the protective barrier. One of the most striking properties of TPU PPF is its capacity to self-heal when heated. Minor scratches are removed with a heat gun, and the TPU flexes back to its previous smooth form in seconds.

TPU Paint Protection - Maintaining Your Car's Pristine Look 2

When real TPU PPF is burned, it chars and bubbles, but counterfeit film just melts away. The innovative production process of precision rolling, stacking, and heat treating high-grade TPU protective films is also shown.

TPU Paint Protection - Maintaining Your Car's Pristine Look 3

Finally, images of the safe SUV travelling along lovely routes are presented. Its flawless surface remains damage-free thanks to the self-healing TPU paint protection film's protecting power. Invest in this solution to keep your vehicle looking immaculate and brand new.

TPU Paint Protection - Maintaining Your Car's Pristine Look 4

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