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Kunlin car ppf manufacturer try rough scratch resistance test


Kunlin, a company that makes paint protection film, says that their TPU PPF makes a transparent shield that looks like the car's original paint finish and protects it from damage better than anything else. Tests have shown that the TPU PPF keeps scratches, chips, swirls, and dings from happening. 

A small video was just made by Kunlin paint protection film manufacturer's technican : just to gives car owners a reference knowedge, with Kunlin car transparent shield PPF ( thermoplastic polyurethane paint protection film), how it amazing keep the paint in good condition. 

Kunlin car ppf manufacturer try rough scratch resistance test 1

We applied our high-tech TPU PPF makes a smooth, clear shield that looks like the original factory finish and protects it from many rougly damage. But after the TPU PPF was taken off, the paint underneath was still in perfect shape, showing that it is the best protection against scratches.


That is Kunlin protection film manufacturer's Car ppf the most important features : anti-scratch ability .

Kunlin car ppf manufacturer try rough scratch resistance test 2

Kunlin's TPU PPF has a top coating that can repair small swirl marks ,abrasions, scratches, chips, and dings that ruin caused by debris when run on roads, we imitate the hood was hit by stone, be scratched by childen to make it look like it had been used for years. Kunlin's TPU PPF  has 100% ability to prevent many damage . After a long time , car's look remain same.

Now Our engineer is thinking other test in the real world .

Kunlin car ppf manufacturer try rough scratch resistance test 3

Finally beside this benefit. The TPU car paint protection film is also resistant to chemicals and UV rays, which keeps it from getting damaged or discoloured by the sun. The soft TPU feels smooth to the touch and doesn't turn yellow with age or break when the temperature gets too high or too low.  We will show you later.

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