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Product Overview

The vinyl sticker roll is manufactured with a smooth and efficient production process, ensuring high reliability and long-lasting performance.

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Product Features

The vinyl sticker roll offers UV protection and waterproof properties, making it suitable for outdoor applications. It has a thickness of 0.15mm and comes in different colors. The adhesive is removable, allowing for easy application and removal.

Product Value

The vinyl sticker roll is a high-quality and durable product, with a durability of 3-5 years for outdoor use. It is suitable for use on car bodies and mobile phones, providing a decorative and protective solution.

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Product Advantages

The vinyl sticker roll is stretchable and can be applied on curved surfaces with the use of a heat gun. It is easy to clean and maintain, weatherproof, and resistant to solvents.

Application Scenarios

The vinyl sticker roll is commonly used for car wrapping or body stickers, offering a customizable and stylish appearance. It is also suitable for use on mobile phones or other smooth surfaces. Additionally, it can be used for advertising lettering stickers, PVC wallpaper, and window film.

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