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Vinyl Self-adhesive Wallpaper
We are the Go-To manufacturer of self adhesive Decorative vinyl wraps.

Remarkable Decorative Vinyl wallpapers

Kunlin decorative PVC wallpaper is ideal for creating a unique and personalized style for commercial  /  home decor, widely applied for shopping malls, living room, bedroom,  kitchen walls, furniture etc. 

It is made of PVC / PET vinyl with self-adhesive glue, which simply peels off the adhesive backing paper and sticks to any dry smooth surface. No extra glue is needed. Can be easily removed without damaging the wall surface. 

What's more, It is durable for years, moisture proof, chemical-free, waterproof, oil-proof and heat-insulating. Also an economic and easy care option suitable for both interior decoration and furniture refurbish. Welcome to customized size and pattern. 

Decorative Vinyls in Three Series
Premium quality standard 

Gather decades of experience, latest technoloy, upgraded texture design, premium quality, hundreds of ready models, aim at top class market with global brand campaingn tatices. We are looking for powerful dealer, distributor and agency for nuggets battle again.

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KL series
Korean style modern design
Following trendy Korean style market, with thousands of ready patterns and variety of designs,  mature production line, unique processing formula, high definItion printing and flexibile production properties making it cost effective. Welcome talk OEM design.
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 W series
Rich raised textured grained
Aged vintage decorative vinyl with raised retro textured grained surface hundreds models design, perfect translate a specific theme or motto, enduring create real vertical decoration for wedding, christamas, coffee shop, bar, hotel events stories. 
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Brick Vinyl Film
Brick Vinyl Film helps you realize the ancient and weathered vision of the entire look and feel of any space easily and affordably through Kunlin advances in digital technology. Vinyl wall papers are replicating  stone, brick, rock, tiles and more with a life-like sharpness.

Here is a large patented selection of pvc vinyl wallpaper rolls in a variety of colors and patterns. The wallpapers are so hyper-real, you need to touch to understand why they've designed the term of 'conversational arts' 

Concrete Vinyl Film

In recent years we have seen a surge in popularity for concrete effect finishes especially on countertops. 

This Concrete Effect Vinyl is designed to realistically recreate the look of authentic Concrete. Extreme realism and durability. Comes in a highly resistant concrete textured finish. 

We have developed this range of Concrete Interior Vinyl Wraps to be highly scratch resistant for this reason. All of the concrete is textured for that authentic look and feel.

Metalic Texture Vinyl Wrap

They are a textured vinyl wrap so not only do they look authentic, they feel authentic.

Interior Vinyl Wraps come in an amazing range of colours to add something special to your architectural project. The embossed Brushed effect on these vinyls make them reflect light to give that premium look and feel.

Vinyl wraps could be a cost-effective way of advertising your business to the public. It provides a shiny, reflective, and chrome-like appearance, metallic vinyl is the perfect option for creating your perfect eye-catching sign.
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Why Buy

A Self Adhesive Vinyl Wrap From KunLin PVC Decorative Vinyl

Custom Furniture Refresh
Do you need a vinyl wrap to customize your furniture, cabinets, doors or MDF boards? Well, KunLin Films produces multiple styles of wood grain vinyl wraps for every non-porous surface.
Customized Designs
We use unique styling trends derived from customer ideologies to make vinyls that stand out. We can go the extra mile of making a vinyl wrap that matches your specific needs. Feel free to contact us if you need customized vinyl wraps.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We pass our adhesive vinyl wraps through rigorous quality checks to ensure that our clients get consistent quality in every batch of vinyl wraps they order from us.
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Diverse Custom Options for Our OEM PVC Decorative Films Project

KunLin decorative fimls supplier is a mature and multi generation upgrade product for decades, KunLin decorative fimls supplier has undergone strict quality assurance, provide you the best Decorative vinyl and PVC decorative film help to make your room beautiful and comfortable.

Self-adhesive Decorative Films design is very convenient to operate, just remove the backing paper to paste, will not leave any trace to harm wall and furniture surface.

We have thousands of ready stock patterns in woodgrain, plain colors, marble, stone, concrete, and fabric designs for your interior decoration ideas.  More over we accept custom design at lower MOQ then other Decorative Films factory.

Decorative vinyl and Decorative Films Product can be used in cabinets, walls, shelf liner, kitchen closets, bedside tables, countertops, shelves, handicrafts, etc. Can be relocated or removed. Also very suitable for tenants.

How to Use PVC Decorative Films to Change Your Space
1. Wipe the surface clean
Please check and clean the surfaces before use PVC decorative film to make sure PVC decorative films are flat and smooth.An uneven surface may reduce the stickiness of the wallpaper.
2. Measure and cut
Cut the appropriate wallpaper according to the measured size. To ensure the PVC decorative film to cover your object completely, it is suggested to remain 10-15mm larger than the actual size.
3. Easy to Apply
Peel off the back PVC decorative film carefully,please do NOT to peel it off all at once! You can peel a little bit from one corner,line up, and then take the backing off gradually, with another hand pressing the paper to get air out at the same time.
4. Smooth
Use tools or cardboard to smooth the wallpaper. If there exist air bubbles after attaching the floral wallpaper,get rid of the with use of a needle or the point of the knife.
5. Removable
If you are not satisfied, you can move it without leaving any trace.

Wide Application of  Decorative Films

Self adhesive woodgrain vinyl on Wardrobe, Cabinet, table top, wall
Milk white solid color wall paper fast renew and get such decoration effect
Stick different model of woodgrain vinyl on wall and ceiling create modern art
fast stick on tv background wall with woodgrain vinyl
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Request a Call from a Specialist
Our experts are available to assist you in getting exactly what you need.
Request A Call From A Specialist
Our experts are available to assist you in getting exactly what you need.
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