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SignVinyl / Vinil Etiket Rulosu 
Many years technology precipitation in color cutting Vinyl Sticker Rolls Wholesale
Kunlin self-adhesive cutting vinyl sticker roll boasts a high-quality, flexible polymeric PVC film that's perfect for middle and short-term signage needs. Available in a range of colors and finishes, including glossy/matt, gold/silver, and fluorescent, this vinyl is compatible with digital printing using UV, solvent, eco-solvent, and latex inks. It features a clear, powerful adhesive that's easy to apply, allowing for faster positioning and residue-free designs. Kunlin sticker rolls wholesale offer many models of vinyl sticker rolls for your convenience.

Metallic / Gold / Silver Vinyl Sticker Roll

Specification : 1220/610mm * 20/50/100M or customize
Color Choice : Metallic Gold/Rost gold/Silver etc.
Surface : Glossy / Matte / Pattern
Thickness : 40um~80um release paper 80g
Glue peeling force: 1000g
Glue durability: 8 years
Material : environmentally friendly PVC resin
Application: Advertising Display/ Promotion Poster Materials
Easy to Install: Simply peel and stick on the surface. There are gridlines on the backing layer for cutting precisely
Thickness: 80~100um
Specification: 220/610mm * 20/50/100M or customize
Release Liner: #80 ~ #140 Kraft Paper (optional Bobble free liner)
Compatible Ink: UV, solvent, eco-solvent, latex
Adhesive: Clear Solvent-based acrylic adhesive PSA
Adhesive Power: 800g
Holding power: over 72 hours at 80°C 
Application: Advertising Materials, Signage, Car body sign, Lettering, Glass Decoration, Window Decoration, Musical instrument Decoration
Colors: Up to 10 colors (custom available)
Traditional color vinyl is widely used for ceramics, walls, glass, plastic and even gross surface wood.

size: 0.45/ 0.6 / 1.06 /  1.22M * 20m / 30m/ 50m or custom
Thickness: 0.23mm / 0.009 inch or custom 
Application: designed for use in plotters 
Installation : each vinyl roll is easy to cut and peel off the protective film.
Printing : you could print your design.

Note: the pvc sheet is not suitable for clothes and fabric. it is not the heat press vinyl.

Clear Vinyl Transfer Paper Tape Roll

With medium tack, easily lift plotter cutting project and transfer it to target surface like glass, wooden, ceramics, metals etc.

Specification: 0.6/0.45, 0.9, 1.2*90M 
Glue : 100/300g  in oil style , 1.5C / 1.6C

Good for adhesive vinyls (such as 631, 651, or 813 or anything else like these) 

The transfer vinyl will help you decorate a lot of things in your life like bottles, windows, doors, cars and so on. 
Why Buy

KunLin Vinyl Sticker Rolls Wholesale produce color vinyl roll for many years and there are lots of ready stocks. KunLin Vinyl Sticker Rolls Wholesale has been producing high-quality color vinyl rolls for many years, establishing a strong reputation as a trusted supplier in the industry. With an extensive range of ready stocks available, KunLin Vinyl Sticker Rolls Wholesale can meet the needs of a diverse range of customers, whether they are in the commercial or personal sector. From vibrant shades to more subdued hues, KunLin Vinyl Sticker Rolls Wholesale offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect match for any project. With their commitment to providing exceptional customer service and a consistent supply of quality products, KunLin Vinyl Sticker Rolls Wholesale is a top choice for those seeking reliable and affordable vinyl rolls.

furniture (2)
Calendered, intermediate vinyl film. Designed especially for machine cutting, high grade clear, acrylic adhesives,Specifically designed for electronically cut graphicsDry or wet application method is OK.
5 Year indoor and 3 years outdoor Durability. All proved compatiable withWall and Building Decals,Illuminated and Opaque Signage,Vehicle Graphics and Lettering,Window Decals and SignsCustomers going reorders confirm these.
Typical design vinyl backings and rubber adhesives, making them ideal for marking lanes, indicating safety hazards and color coding in factories, warehouses and parking lots. They also stretch and conform easily and remove cleanly without adhesive residue.
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A stable supplier in quality and cost effective
KunLin vinyl is designed to work with most smooth surfaces including Indoor and Outdoor. Vinyl films are intermediate, calendered craft vinyl so that they are much more cost effective for use in commercial applications, flat signage and crafting projects.

Our clients get an outstanding impression with fast shipping, low cost and stale quality.  Their common uses are custom logo prints, custom printed branding materials, business hours decals, and advertisements for products and services. We are growing together.

they love the look and performance of our vinyl rolls on most of their plotter cutting . 

We also have transfer vinyl which is perfect for designing and transferring your designed decal and you won't find better all around transfer tape. 
How to apply KunLin Vinyl sticker in advertising field
1. Clean surfaces: Better use Isopropyl alcohol to clean suface prior to applying vinyl.

2.  Rub the vinyl with the edge of a credit card ( scraper ) to ensure a good firm grip between the clear transfer tape and the vinyl.
3. Peel the transfer tape away from the backing paper . The vinyl should stay on the clear transfer paper . 

4. Place the vinyl where you want it . Use a credit card ( scraper )  edge to smooth down the vinyl by rubbing from the center to the edges in every direction . 

5. Remove the clear transfer tape by starting at one corner and slowly peeling to the opposite corner . All done !

Wide Application Of Vinyl Sticker Roll

Color vinyl sticker roll are most commonly used in commercial settings, museums, schools, institutions, retail settings, and offices.
Cover wall to avoid kids drawing
design as car vinyl decal, paste on car body
wall cover
Full color vinyl roll paste on wall to protect wall avoid kids drawing
Printed logo banners and paste on grocery background to increase brand visibility
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Kunlin vinil çıkartma ruloları toptan satışı hakkında SSS
Vinil çıkartma ruloları ne için kullanılır?
Vinil çıkartma ruloları, promosyon çıkartmaları, vitrin grafikleri ve çıkartmalar gibi orta ve kısa vadeli tabela ihtiyaçları için yaygın olarak kullanılır.
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma ruloları için hangi renkler ve kaplamalar mevcuttur?
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma ruloları, parlak/mat, altın/gümüş ve flüoresan dahil olmak üzere çeşitli renklerde ve kaplamalarda mevcuttur.
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma rulolarıyla ne tür mürekkep uyumludur?
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma ruloları, UV, solvent, eko-solvent ve lateks mürekkepler kullanan dijital baskı ile uyumludur.
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma rulolarındaki yapıştırıcı nasıl?
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma ruloları, daha hızlı konumlandırma ve kalıntı bırakmayan tasarımlar sağlayan, uygulaması kolay, şeffaf ve güçlü bir yapıştırıcıya sahiptir.
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma rulolarının boyutları nelerdir?
Kunlin, ihtiyaçlarınıza bağlı olarak farklı boyutlarda birçok vinil çıkartma rulosu modeli sunar.
Kunlin'in vinil çıkartma ruloları için özel ebatlar sipariş edebilir miyim?
Evet, Kunlin vinil çıkartma ruloları toptan satış siparişleri için özel boyutlar sunabilir
Vinil çıkartma ruloları toptan siparişleri için minimum sipariş miktarı nedir?
Vinil çıkartma ruloları toptan siparişleri için minimum sipariş miktarı, ilgilendiğiniz modele bağlıdır. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen Kunlin ile iletişime geçin.
Vinil çıkartma ruloları toptan siparişleri için teslim süresi nedir?
Vinil çıkartma ruloları toptan siparişlerinin teslim süresi, ilgilendiğiniz sipariş miktarına ve modeline bağlıdır. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen Kunlin ile iletişime geçin.
Toptan vinil yapışkan rulo siparişleri için hangi ödeme yöntemleri kabul edilir?
Kunlin, T/T, L/C ve PayPal dahil olmak üzere çeşitli ödeme yöntemlerini kabul eder. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen Kunlin ile iletişime geçin.
Kunlin vinil çıkartma rulolarından numune sağlayabilir mi?
Evet, Kunlin talep üzerine vinil çıkartma rulolarının örneklerini sağlayabilir. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen Kunlin ile iletişime geçin.
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