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We are the Go-To manufacturer of Solar Film.

Solar Film For Vehicle

As new modern Solar Film Manufacturers and Solar Film Supplier was built, we have ability to manufacture a wide range of high class vehicle window tinting films in a series of products that clearly target different customer group at competitive prices.

For example, different rate combination of optical value, IR rejection and visible light transmission...
Solar Film For Building
Modern building solar film is a cost effective and necessary technology to improve appearance and comfort, reduce energy costs, plus privacy protect, glass explosion proof etc.
Kunlin building film focus on fast payback rankings and high probability of success due to easy installation.

Why Use Solar Film

A Solar Film Manufacturers From KunLin Solar Film

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Enerji kullanımını azaltın, görünümünüzü yükseltin ve çalışma ortamınızı iyileştirin ve koruyun!
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Sürüş deneyiminizi ve aracınızın değerini artırır, zararlı UV ışınlarını engeller!
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Isıyı ve parlamayı azaltın, kişisel eşyalarınızı koruyun, ve herhangi bir evin işlevselliğini artırırken enerji faturalarınızı düşürün!
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How Solar Films Save Your Business Money

About a third of your heating and air conditioning expenditures can be attributed to heat passing through windows causing an increase in your bills and energy is not getting any cheaper anytime soon.

Our Solar Film can help mitigate these expenditures by minimizing heat gain and loss through glass.  Window films can actually significantly reduce energy use by upgrading the performance of your windows.  They are economical and easy to install, boasting an average energy savings payback of about two years that lasts a lifetime. Solar Control Window Film Energy Study showed that excessive solar heat gain can be reduced by as much as 85% and all while saving money and increasing comfort.

How to Use Solar Film to Change Your Space
Solar film is a great way to add a unique look to any space. It can be used to create privacy, reduce glare, and even reduce energy costs, no matter to your car or building, here is the same progress of application.

1. Just need to clean the surface you are going to apply it .

2. Measure the area you want to cover and cut appropriate size of film. 

3. Tear off the release paper than paste on that glass accordingly . 

4. Apply the film using a squeegee, make sure to press firmly and evenly to ensure the film adheres properly

Once the film is applied, you can enjoy the new look of your space!

Wide Application Of Solar Film

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