Produttore e fornitore di pellicole decorative per la costruzione / casa professionale e produttore e fornitore di rotoli di vinile a colori

Vinile decorativo per mostre
Serie KL
Our korean style wallpaper factory is the source of simplistic bright modern designs
Mature lines and Mass production for many years can give you the cheapest stable quality and most economical, eco-friendly materials provide a clean and sleek design with stunning mix of simple designs and natural colors for minimalist style.
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Korean woodgrain vinyls
● With many years of accumulation hundreds of tree wood patterns for your choice
● Different country's woodgrain wallpaper business experience is ready to share for you
● We still know how to adapt market's profitable point, just let us be your leader of success  
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Korean cement vinyl roll
● A common appropriate solution for general homes, restaurants, coffee shops
● Typical design for pasting smooth, hard, non-porous (sealed) materials.
● Peel and stick back glue leads to fast increase the value of your home, workshop and office.
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Korean marble vinyl rolls

● Eco friendly pure PVC materials resulf of high abrasion resistance glossy marble surface

● Lightly washable and surface toughness with strong scratch resistance

● Marble pattern all in long terms durable inks and high resolution printing 

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Korean fabric wall paper

● Fabric looking vinyl, waterproof and moisture resistant, water ink printing for environment protection
● Non-toxic, durable, twice to three long lifespan than common wallpaper
● Perfectly design according mature production lines and endorsed by domestic designers
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Korean leather vinyl
● Faux leather pattern only, no smell, based on eco-friendly wallpaper ink
● Authentic look of soft, luxurious leather, specified for upholstery bedroom wall art background
● High quality, luxurious style, convenient construction at affordable price
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Korean solid color wallpaper
Strong wear resistance and stable dyeability, also has natural antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant
● Pure, simple and elegant is perfect popularized in many places like  interior decoration of homes, offices, hotels, etc
● Variety of ready stock color choices like warm, cool, light, dark, pastel and more.
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Korean metallic decorative vinyl
● Rich colors steel texture vinyl contact paper, fast renovation home appliance and furniture
● High simulation brushed color-dyed stainless steel vinyl cover, same as waterproof, durable and scratch resistant 
● Back with precise grid lines can easily cut it to any correct size according face brushed stainless tiles effects
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