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Premium car paint protect film is made by international first-class brands materials and advanced machines
Kunlin's motto is to produce premium quality vinyls never changed, we have invested in modernizing the facility and expanding the production capability in a dust-free workshop specially to make top range car paint protect film for worldwide market.

TPU protective film compiled with the quality standards and warranty systems. In order to highlight the competitiveness of products, factory equipment is fully automated to reduce quality defects caused by manual production. 

Transparent / Black Car PPF roll

Specification : 1520mm/15m * 6.5/7.5/8.5/9.5/10 mil or customize
Color Choice : Transparent or Black etc.
Surface : Glossy 
Material : All in first line brand's raw materials.
Glue peeling force: 1000g
Glue durability: 10 years
Features: self healing / excellent flexibility / chemical corrosion / harsh climate
Application: Car paint protect and relate high end application.
Installation: Since the value is high, recommend find 4S store or a professional to install it. 
Why Buy

Usage : It strengthens car's paint, TPU PPF is more durable and flexible than other vinyl films. It does not lift and is less likely to cause long-term damage to the paint.

Research Team: It was developed by our polymer material team of Academy of Sciences.

Supply: We have the whole industry supply chain from research and development, procurement, production and supply, mounting and after-sales integration.

Quality: With more than 20 years of technology accumulation in the field of polymer films and more than 10 years of experience in polymer film production, product performance fully meets the quality standard of Europe and America! And it was proved after Chinese extreme environment verification of the south of high temperature and the north of extreme cold snow and ice weather. It's strong stretchability, acid rain resistance, oxidation resistance, scratch resistance and biological memory repair capabilities, and small scratches can self-repair when heated.

Material: The base material is selected from US Brand TPU and JP adhesive glue, same origin as imported big brands.

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Provides a layer of protection to the car's paintwork. Prevent scratches, chips, and other forms of damage that can occur from everyday driving and exposure to the elements. This can help to keep the car looking newer for longer, and also protect its resale value.
TPU is highly durable, and can withstand even harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and chemicals. It is also resistant to fading, discoloration, and peeling. This means that it provide protection to the car's surface for many years.
The film contains a special coating that can help absorb impacts and distribute them over the surface of the film. The heat from the sun can activate the self-healing property of the film and heal minor scratches automatically.
崑林 TPU 車 PPF フィルム構造
 Kunlin TPU車のPPF(熱可塑性ポリウレタン車の塗装保護フィルム)は、通常5層で構成されています:

1. PET保護フィルム : これは、インストール中に削除される保護層です。

2. 自己修復クリアコーティング層: 傷がつきにくく、ツヤを出す保護層です。

3. TPU層: この層は、衝撃や摩耗に対する主な保護を提供します。

4. ホットメルト接着層: この層は、フィルムが車両の表面に付着するのを助け、腐食に対する保護を強化します。

5. PET剥離紙: これは、インストール前に削除するリリース レイヤーです。

5 層構造により、車両の塗装を最大限に保護し、外観を長期間維持するのに役立ちます。

Factory offer full support OEM & ODM service
KunLin provides 100% support to agencies for their different target market demands, although we have ready standards of product quality like thickness, length and packing methods. All parameters can be customized according to customers, so that they are much more cost effective and valuable for use in specified applications.

1. Length & size: We find the best cutting method to split big rolls into specified length or size as per request, that will highly applica in automotive film etc.

2. Thickness of each layer:Welcome customize thickness for differet layers. Kindly note that raw materials may require a larger MOQ order request by the source channel to achieve special thickness of TPU PPF, but benefit from our automation production capability, we were prepared for market rapid delivery demands.

3. Brand & package :  We developed a wide range of car wrap designs, we can customize your brand and logos on product or package according to requirements, We guarantee compliance with the responsibility of privacy confidentiality. What's more, our large warehouse allows us to keep certain packing materials for future  orders.
How to apply TPU Car PPF on car
1. Clean the car's surface thoroughly with soap and water. 
Ensure that there is no dust, dirt, or debris on the surface. Use a clay bar to remove any stubborn contaminants.
2. Dry the surface completely before applying the TPU Car PPF.
3. Cut the TPU Car PPF film into the desired size and shape using a cutting tool or razor blade.
4. Peel off the backing from the TPU Car PPF film and spray the adhesive side with application fluid.
5. Place the film on the car's surface and position it correctly. Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles and ensure a smooth finish.
6. Use a heat gun or dryer to activate the adhesive and allow the film to conform to the car's contours.
7. Trim the excess film using a razor blade, ensuring that it fits perfectly around the edges of the car's surface.
8. Repeat the process until the entire car's surface is covered with the TPU Car PPF film.
本社はブランド マーケティングを担当します。本社には強力なマーケティング チームがあり、担当地域で本社のマーケティング ポリシーを使用する権限を代理店に与えます。
エージェントによると、マーケティング ランディング プログラムと開発ポリシー サポートの完全なセットを提供します。
優れた技術サポート。 プロジェクト製品に関するご質問は、当社指定の技術担当者にご相談いただけます。
本社がサービスホットインを設置。 サービス効率を向上させ、販売前、販売中、販売後にエージェントに完璧なサポートを提供します。

See samples of installation

Our TPU Car PPF film is already used in local commercial aftermarket stores, 4S stores etc.
TPU film covering VW car bonnet
installing TPU car paint protect film on side skirt
wall cover
Car PPF film on old car provide better protection on car painting
Van is suitable to install Car PPF because it runs more.


    TPU CAR PPF 製品に関するお問い合わせについて、お客様のご要望をお聞かせください。 関心をお寄せいただきありがとうございます。当社の最高品質の TPU CAR PPF ソリューションに関して、喜んでお手伝いさせていただきます。

    当社の専門家チームは、優れたカスタマーサービスを提供するよう努めており、お客様が当社と協力することに自信と満足を感じていただけるよう努めています。 当社では、顧客満足度に重点を置いており、シームレスで手間のかからない体験を提供します。

    お気軽にご連絡ください。あなたと良い関係を築く機会を作りましょう。 当社の製品とサービスを十分にご理解いただけるよう努めます。

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