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Caviosen Series
CAVIOSEN, a brand that focuses on the PVC decorative film industry for over a decade. Adopt high-tech Eco friendly material,  which is environmental protection, oil proof, waterproof, corrosion proof, wear resistance, resistance high temperature, low temperature resistance, good fit and reusable PVC film; The product comes with the back glue that can be applied directly, widely used in the construction industry, home industry, entertainment catering industry,  office buildings and other places etc.
CAVIOSEN decorative film style has a variety of features. There are hundreds of textures, including wood grain, fabric, marble, stone, cement and metallic, etc.,The product itself has tensile force and ductility. Fine attachment to a variety of single - sided, curved and profiled space and texture create visual and tactile feast.
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Premium woodgrain vinyls

● Good for walls, columns, doors, cabinets, and more.
● Compatiable with metal, wood, glass and complex curved (3D) surfaces.
● Easy Application, peel and stick.
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Premium solid color wall paper
● Odorless, no harm. Better for bedroom, kids room.
● Reach EU constuction standards, wear and fire resistance. 
● Better performance of dimensional stability, moisture resistance. 
● glue layer with car decorative grade air channel technology, assure smooth stick on wall  
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Premium cement vinyl

● Highest quality finish, waterproof and B1 flame proof like cement

● Gantastic durability and ease of hanging and application

● Modern industry natural color feeling, just paste and compatiable with all furnishing

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Premium metallic wallpaper
● Outstanding luxury brushed shinny vinyl with clearer texture
● Air release technolgy provide tactile, glossy, richly coloured, glamorous effects 
● Its high surface hardness and durability are the points for hotel, bar, KTV commercial decoration
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Marble vinyl wall cover
● Advances digital technology create replicating marble surface with a life-like sharpness.
● High hardness surface create hyper-real effects, need to touch to discover that they're not what they seem
● Its flame retardant attribute is easy to pass all shopping mall fire permission
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Dermatoglyphic vinyls
● Damasks, quatrefoil, pinstripes, dermatoglyphic regal-looking designs is changing with the trendy
● Clearer texture and eco-friendly let visitors live immersed in European luxury 
● High hardness attribution make cleaning works easy, just wipe and clean

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Fabric wallpaper
● Fabric texture adds a seemingly single-colour wallpaper, enabling light across its surface to create visual interest.
● Eco-friendly fabric style is always classic on-trend for popular to renew walls
● Particular more natural color printing technology create softly fabric textured effect.
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Irizáló tapéta
● Az Iridescence vinil csillogó és szivárványszerű hatása lenyűgöző kiegészítője bármely otthoni falnak. 
● Ez a szivárványszínű tapéta egy kis játékosságot és csodát varázsol a szobába,
● Ideális modern bakelit a fal megújításához, csúcsminőségű akcentussá válhat, hogy bármilyen teret varázslatos dekorelemmé varázsoljon.
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