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Glass Film
Kunlin window film is a durable and low cost solution to create an etched appearance 
Kunlin Window Glass Film Supplier helps more and more interior designers, architects, and homeowners discover a way to offer a flexible solution for adding privacy, style, and distinction to spaces of all sizes and types.
Our factory has many category as below.
Gradient Window glass Film
KunLin latest hot sale modern glass film with dot gradient looming effect making space more hierarchical while ensuring privacy and doesn't affect indoor daylighting. Window Glass Film Product is made by environmentally friendly PET material, chemical-free, waterproof, oil-proof and heat-insulating, self-adhesive back glue make it easy to install. And it can be repeated paste, remove without leaving residue, do not hurt the glass, free replacement.
We have ready stock for some models, welcome to order sample to test . 

Static Window Film

Kunlin static cling window film supplier is not only acts as a filter that reflects 96% of UV rays, but also eliminates 79% glare which keeps your eyes safe. For easier installation, ensure it won’t fail, Window Film product is the use of static adsorption and atmospheric pressure onto the glass but not glue (static and atmospheric pressure are principle), which is especially useful for those who work from home facing a window. Tinted windows also protect furniture and flooring from sun damage. Also, since this Window Film can block 45-85% of light from entering a room, do not be surprised that as a professional factory , in fact, most adhesive models can make as static cling version.
Frosted Glass film
Kunlin self adhesive frosted window film substitute for curtains is a best solution to lead a modern ambiance to the environment. This is not the usual frosted film you come across, since it has a unique texture that can transform any traditional room decor into something more contemporary. You do not need to rely on shutters because this film can block 84% UVA and 99% UVB rays, keeping you safe from UV-radiation exposure. It does not block all light from entering, just harsh light, which in turn reduces the sun’s glare and keeps your eyes happy. Lastly, this privacy window film will keep your expensive furniture at home safe from discoloration caused by sunlight.
Glass Film Printing
Decorative adhesive printing Window Glass Film Wholesale is a good choice for Your Home, Unique patterns, stylish decoration, With special regular patterns, this window film creates an attractive look and high-end texture on your home and office windows; Low cost but high quality, it will be an effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds.Whether installed in the home or a gift for a friend, it is a great choice. You can also enjoy the praise from neighbors.

When you don't want to black light from outside , just teasily peeled off without leaving any glue on glass for other new pattern use.
Solar film
Summer hot and dazzling sunshine is annoying, one-way window film is a good solution to see the world from inside, at the same time effectively block 97% of UV rays from the outside. keeping your room in a relevant comfort temperature by reducing heat diffusion, helping reduce expensive heating and cooling costs.
It is easy to install, without worried about left residue when you remove; Customize the glass surfaces color to suit your design needs and wishes. Now enjoy your daytime sleep in your bed, enjoy your personal time without the disturbance of external gaze. 
Other Window Film
Other very best privacy window film products like custom, 3D, etched ... All of those films are manufactured on optically clear scratch resistant vinyls. 

When decorate a business’s conference room or corporate office, amenities with glass, these window films enhance your overall office space to create a unique minds that express a brand’s personality, tell its story, and engage every client who walks into their office or conference room, makes the brand stand out.

Why Buy

Kunlin window film and Glass Film Supplier are sent to all over the world for years, we are still developing better performance vinyl materials

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Decorative Glass Film Wholesale provides an extra level of privacy for both homeowners and building owners. You can install frosted, tinted, or colored window film at various opacity levels to get the privacy you need without sacrificing natural light.
Different kinds of window Glass film and pattern difference means customer has unique styling that matches his specific needs. The Glass film can be applied and removed easily and inexpensively without damaging glass, it is great flexibility to change the look of home space at little cost.
In summer films block the sun’s heat. Wndow film conserve energy by heating the indoor less. In summer, so people use the air conditioning systems less, thus saving energy and reducing energy bills.
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Widely use in many field for prviacy

Home decor: with special frosted matte texture and charming repeated patterns to cover any size window, the decorative vinyl adds vitality to your space.

Vision blurring: you won’t be exposed to unwanted glances from passers-by or neighbour, and pets barking from seeing outside because the film offers vague view inside and outside to create some privacy.

Wide application: can be used for kitchen, dining room, living room, office, hotels, glass cabinet panels etc.to create lively style(note: semi-privacy level is not suitable for bathroom).easily trimmed to required size with scissors or utility knife.

Easy installation

1. Measure windows glass size and cut film.
2. Clean the window glass going to install
3. Spray plain soapy water generously on film and window thoroughly.
4. Adhesive version : remove the film's back release paper.
    Static cling version : no release paper, pull out the film from roll
5. Place the wet film on glass from the top.  
6. Secure the film by squeegeeing from center to edge. Remove all water and air bubbles by squeegee.
Extensive Use For Various Space
Kunlin Glass Film Supplier is perfect for adding a decorative and functional cover to smooth glass surfaces without dust or oil.
Glass Film widely suitable for different places: kitchen, living room, dining room, office, hotels, classroom, lobby, etc.
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3D etched bamboo pattern house window decorative and privacy protect glass film
Good for coomon residental kitchen window glass prvavicy protection
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3D etched bamboo pattern house window decorative and privacy protect glass film
Good for coomon residental kitchen window glass prvavicy protection
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