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태양광 제어 필름 제작
Kunlin 건물 태양광 제어 필름은 에너지 효율성, 일관된 편안함, 자외선 차단, 미적 매력, 더 많은 개인 정보 보호, 인상적인 ROI를 위한 디자인입니다.
현대식 건물 태양광 제어 필름은 외관과 편안함을 개선하고 에너지 비용을 절감하며 개인 정보 보호, 유리 폭발 방지 등을 위해 비용 효율적이고 필요한 기술입니다.
Kunlin 건축 필름은 쉬운 설치로 인해 빠른 회수 순위와 높은 성공 확률에 중점을 둡니다.
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Modern one way series

●  Metalized coated in one side as mirror look, excellent for heat rejection and glare reduction
● Outside glass shows mirror effect, provides great privacy during daytime only. At night can see  through.
It is an affordable glass upgrade that enhances buildings in any climate, costing just a fraction of full window replacement. 
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Optical color aesthetics series

●  The tinting options range from clear to highly reflective, and everything in-between.
● Powerful ready models, durable specification that can also enhance appearance inside or outside
 Low cost, fastest improved building new appearance and occupant disruption during installation
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화이트 아웃
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Total block lights series

● Specifically designed with light-proof technology to ensure that no light leaks through extreme thin film

Reject 100% of UV , 100% of VL and 100% of IR. Prevents fading interior furnishings. 

● Typical use in some situation like chemistry lab, privacy apartment, freezer warehouse

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Transparent explosion proof series

● Best shatterproof pet material, high transparent, not affect appearance
● Strong adhesive, removeable adhesive, no any glue problem, easy to inastll
● 2mil, 4mil, 8mil, 12mil for different cost and strength requirement.
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2 layer metallic coated series
● 2 silver layer structure, premium production technology to make
● Reduce more UV rays transmission and glare, better privacy protection
● Extra dark and reflective to create a mirror-like appearance while reducing cooling costs during the summer through effective heat rejection.
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Other series
Special design Window Solar film
● Accept custom design
● Other solutions
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