Konstruksi Profesional / Film Dekoratif Rumah Dan Produsen Dan Pemasok Gulungan Vinyl Berwarna

P series Sandwich tint window film
Material: PET film, organic dyes, light-cured wear-resistant agent, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, PET release protective film
3 layers structure: Light-curing wear-resistant agent + PET film + organic dye + acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive + PET film + acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive + PET release protective film
Thickness: 2 mil 
Features: heat insulation, UV protection, ultra-high definition, low reflection, low haze. Not affect GPS and mobile phone signals.
Safety and explosion-proof : base layer of the film is polyester film, plus the adhesive layer of the film, if glass broke, it can prevent the fragments from splashing, avoid injured by glass fragments.
Energy save: Reduce air-conditioning operation and save fuel consumption.  Reduce the temperature inside the car and save fuel consumption to a certain extent.
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